My ‘Before I Turn 30’ List

In just more than eight months, I will hit a birthday milestone: I’m turning 30. I honestly never thought I would live past 30 (for real, ask my childhood friends), so I set a lot of goals for myself for the age of 25. I accomplished most of them (Diane Sawyer can hold on to her job … for now), but am looking to add to that list now that I’m running out of time to say I’m in my “late 20s.”

I’ve done some Googling and found that a lot of people embarked on similar adventures: compiling all the things they’d like to do, then scratching off the accomplishments one by one. I’ve seen a lot of ’30 Before 30′ lists in my research. I’m not sure I have the time, money or energy to do 30 of these things, so I’m including some things I’ve already done. It’s kind of cheating, I know, but I’m almost 30. I can get away with that stuff now.

1. Run a marathon (October 2007, October 2008)

2. Ride a motorcycle

3. Hike Spencer Butte at sunrise

4. Go to the BCS National Championship (January 2010)

5. Write letter to my immediate family to tell them why I love them

6. Buy myself something at Tiffany’s

7. Run Hood to Coast (August 2009, August 2011)

8. Cook a gourmet, five-course meal

9. Try P90X — for 90 days

10. Go on a classic American road trip

11. Learn the basics of burlesque

12. Travel to another continent

13. Get a passport

14. Take my girls camping

15. Learn Spanish

16. Get VIP passes to Sasquatch! Music Festival (May 2010)

17. Go parasailing (December 2006)

18. Visit Las Vegas

19. Sing karaoke (Sept. 2011)

20. Write a will

21. Shoot a gun

22. Learn how to sew and make something I will wear

23. Visit a fortune teller

24. Read the Top 10 novels of all time

25. Learn to change the oil in my car

26. Write a letter to read to myself at age 40

27. Collect skyline prints of the cities I’ve called home (Roseburg, Eugene, Boise and Portland) to hang as art

28. Go to The Moth StorySlam

29. Have a picnic

30. Visit a Smithsonian museum (March 2011)