Pop-Up Video

I am a woman obsessed … with Pop-Up Video. Remember this show on VH1 back in the day? Remember that little *bloop* every time a fun fact showed up on screen? There hasn’t been a new episode since 2002 (I know!) until now. The network that aired such small-screen gems as Rock of Love and For the Love of Ray J is actually changing some of its programming back to music!

I got a little “sneak peek” of the new episodes (which now air on weekdays at 12 p.m. EST, FYI) last night. Oh, Pop-Up Video, how I missed you!

Ever since I grew out of my Top-40 phase when I was 19 (hey, I’m a late bloomer!), I haven’t exactly kept up on all the emerging artists. Pop-Up Video helps me catch up. For example? I had NO idea Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy aka P. Diddy aka Diddy had a rap group called “Diddy-Dirty Money” (where does he come up with this crap?). Did you know it’s a pain in the butt to set up a video shoot in the middle of the Mojave Desert? Did you know Diddy shared two bottles of $200 champagne with the crew before he burned them for the set? See, this is why Pop-Up Video is so handy; it adds to all the other useless information in my brain.

Now, if you remember the OLD episodes, they cover a lot of Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2 and … well, older stuff. The new episodes span the near-decade since the show was last on the air. The two episodes I saw had videos from Britney, Good Charlotte, Cee-Lo, Florence + the Machine and that oh-so-informative one from Diddy-Dirty Money (Seriously, WTF was he thinking?!).

I’m wrapping this up quickly so I can get home and watch the next two episodes on my DVR.